4 Marketing Tactics to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

Every eCommerce entrepreneur wants to be able to drive more and more traffic to their sites and make more sales. There are plenty of savvy ways that you can do this, and essentially spike your eCommerce sales as a result.

Follow these marketing tactics to bring more visitors to your site, and even bring back ones that you lost along the way.

  1. Upsell

Even after you’ve managed to bring traffic to your site that you’ve created using a DIY eCommerce website builder, and convert visitors into paying customers, you can always drive sales even higher by upselling. Follow up your sales with something like “Would you be interested in this upgrade?” or some form of that type of question. This tactic works. Sometimes your customers aren’t aware that there’s a better product available. Pointing it out to them can turn a good sale into a great one.

  1. Cut Down on Abandoned Shopping Carts

Many eCommerce sites lose a lot of business from customers abandoning their shopping carts. Customers will add items to their carts, but then abandon them during the checkout process. By focusing on these abandoned carts, you can retrieve a sizeable number of potentially lost sales. Try to resolve any of these hesitations if possible, because you just never know if you can convince many of these customers to come back and complete their purchases. Whether you sway them with a discount, free shipping, or other offer, tactics like these can help complete these nearly abandoned transactions.

  1. Entice More Product Reviews

Did you know that you can actually boost your eCommerce conversion rates by anywhere between 14% to 76% just by adding product reviews to your online shop? That’s a significant amount, and is something that warrants looking further into. Product reviews serve as testimonials from real customers. People will be able to see what others thought about the products that they are thinking about purchasing. Not only that, having product reviews can boost the amount of content on a web page and increase the likelihood that you grab an effective long tail keyword or two that will make it big with the search engines.

  1. Engage With Your Visitors

Engaging with your site’s visitors is absolutely of paramount importance. The better able you are to engage with your visitors, the greater the likelihood of converting them into paying customers. Not only should you be engaging with them via email newsletters, you should also be directing them to your social media profiles. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media channel that you have, use these platform effectively to engage with visitors and drive sales.