E-Commerce Analytics Tools That Are Perfect For Digital Marketers and Businesses

Managing an online business can be very challenging to some people. If you think it’s not any different from running an actual physical store, you’re wrong.

Any business model has its own separate advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages for e-commerce would be their easy access to analytics data. Most of these tools are exclusively designed for digital marketers and businesses.

Running a business online allows for trackability. This will allow you to do market intelligence reports based on how your customers behave and think. You can track how they were able to locate your online store. It includes pages and links they visit, what gimmicks they are more inclined to engage in, and what factors persuades them to make an online transaction. The following analytics tools will make it easier for online companies to manage and decide on their marketing strategies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the more widely-used analytics tool for e-commerce. Its popularity can be attributed to several key benefits.

First and foremost, you don’t have to spend a dime to access its many helpful features, such as the trackability of consumer behavior. With Google Anaytics, you can track and categorize almost every little piece of data that can be tracked. It allows the company to produce concise and comprehensive reports and market intelligence. Finally, the tool also advises if there is a need for you to improve your website or online businesses.

Ventiv Tech

Ventiv Tech is mainly a risk management e-commerce tool. It provides amplified insights that allow companies to make wiser decisions. Risk management can be a very troublesome and meticulous task. With Ventiv Tech’s risk management information system, you will have optimized processes and data organization. It ensures that you come up with the best strategies there are.


What users love most about Clicky is its straightforward, very easy-to use interface. It is ideal for online businesses and bloggers that are only starting out.

All data retrieved within the system is updated real-time. This game-changing feature is perhaps what sets Clicky apart from the other e-commerce analytics tools. However, don’t let its straightforward interface mislead you. This analytics tools can actually offer ridiculous detail and trackability. In fact, you can actually track each visitor individually and see a full, comprehensive history.


At $120-$600 a month, Kissmetrics is one of the leading paid analytics tools for e-commerce. It offers many different features. These are customizable according to a company’s own preferences. You can optimize it for increased conversions.

Kissmetrics allows the company to track customers and website visits, before, during and after making a transaction. With this feature, understanding consumer behavior cannot get any easier. What’s more is that it comes up with customer profiles that consolidate the online actions taken. It also lets you know how they behave within the website.


The Internet boasts a wide array of e-commerce analytics tools that are perfect for online businesses and digital marketers. Whatever function you need the tool for, it is likely that you can find it online if you know where to look for it and how to go about finding it.