Five Sure-Fire Ways to Incorporate Different Social Media Platforms in Your Website

Social media is an extremely effective tool for digital marketing. In order to properly employ social media, you will need to have accounts for your business on various platforms. It may seem challenging to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, but it is imperative to learn how to maximize all of the different platforms in order to keep your business relevant.

One major way to maximize your business’ social media accounts is by integrating them into your website. Here is a list of how you can accomplish this goal:

Make Social Media Accounts Accessible to your Website’s Visitors

Create buttons on your website where your visitors will be able to see your social media accounts. Make sure your social media accounts are consistent with the theme of your website. It is also best to update your accounts, because social media features are constantly changing. For Facebook, add ‘Like’ buttons on each of your website’s pages. Encourage visitors to follow your Twitter account and add a link to your Instagram account on the gallery page of your website. Have a feature that will enable your visitors to log in through different social media platforms.

Encourage your Visitors to Share your Social Media Posts

Having your visitors share your social media posts is a great way to gain exposure for your website. If people feel your content is worth sharing, they will be inclined to share. Reward social media users for their participation by creating contests that involve them liking your page or sharing your social media posts.

Allow your Visitors to Interact with Each Other

Add a comment section to your website where visitors have to log in using a social media account. This will also help generate traffic and promote interaction. A comment section will also inform you what your visitors and prospective clients are thinking. A little feedback can go a long way.

Update your Social Media Accounts Regularly

If you are not constantly updating your social media accounts, they will stay stagnant. No social media user will pay attention to or share content that is not current and relevant. As well as making your content pertinent, make sure it is significant and creative. Incorporate current trends into your posts with the purpose of promoting your business’ website.

Strategize on how to use your website along with all of your social media accounts. Each platform has a distinguishing feature, and you will have to delve deeper to maximize the unique features of each platform. For assistance in that area, you may consult sites such as Vibbi. Be consistent with your work, as this is also part of brand formation.

Use Analytics

Integrating social media into your digital marketing would be ineffective if your website does not end up garnering any traffic. You need to know and understand why your posts are receiving the amount of traffic that they get. Using quantitative analytics will help you analyze what your visitors do and do not like. You will comprehend what types of posts to keep and which ones to get rid of.


Incorporating social media platforms within your website is a major way to reach out to your clients. Using and integrating different social media platforms on your website is a truly effective way to let customers know that you want to reach them. Digital marketing is changing everyday and you need to keep up with the fluctuations if you want your business to be a success.